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ImmoAll Swiss - Terms and Conditions (General Terms and Conditions)

Location: Global - EU - Schweiz

Salary: 100000

Posted at: 2021-03-14

ImmoAll Swiss AGB (General Terms and Conditions

Please note our terms and conditions

First of all:

ImmoAll Swiss publishes your real estate advertisements with its software and hardware options and places them clearly visible for the customer.
The customer can then open a personal account on our website, create his advertisement in the appropriate forms and send it to our administrator.

Advertisement publication:

The advertisement will be activated for publication after our quality check.
Pay attention to high quality (text & images) - this will increase the chances of your ad being successful.

Advertisements running times:

The duration of advertisements is one month. If the advertisement is not canceled before the end of the monthly period (30 days), the term is automatically extended by a further month. The customer is responsible for canceling his ad before the 30-day period has expired.
If you forget your username or password, you can restore it on our website.

Price regulation:

All prices are in Swiss Francs (CHF) exclusive of VAT.

Complaints / Report:

You are responsible for your listings. In the event of complaints or reports on the advertisement, ImmoAll will temporarily stop the advertisement and forward it to you for correction. Only when you have resolved the problem will the advertisement be reactivated.

Additional costs:

All production costs as well as project visits, expert knowledge, estimate prices, notes, advertisement preparations, editing, photography, contacting customers, scheduling, drafting contracts, etc. are billed separately.


Helpline / information:
You can reach us at: E-mail
Or by phone at the number:
+41 76 788 99 99