Services, options and prices (companies)

  • The minimum advertising time is calculated as one month.
  • The price is calculated from the size of the banner and the ad title as well as the installation location / placement of the ad.
  • Service: Your link from your ad will be published by our service.
  • Page: Your company information + services including images (up to 5 images) will be published separately.
  • ADS packages: Extra packages (Your ad will be sent to our partnership, social media and messenger groups).
  • Slideshow: Your logo and link to information will be published on our slideshow (see home page).

All prices stated in this documentation do not include VAT (excl. 7.7% VAT).

Packages 1: Service Page ADS packages

Packages 2: Service Page ADS Packages Slideshow

Periodpackages 1packages 2
1 monthCHF 150 instead of CHF 300CHF 300 instead of CHF 600
2 monthsCHF 250 instead of CHF 500CHF 500 instead of CHF 1000
3 monthsCHF 350 instead of CHF 700CHF 700 instead of CHF 1400
6 monthsCHF 600 instead of CHF  1200CHF 1200 instead of CHF  2400
1 yearCHF 1000 instead of CHF  2000CHF 2000 instead of CHF  4000
OtherOn demand On demand

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